Basically what the title says.

Ok, sorry I haven’t neither updated the comic nor given at least a blog explanation of it either. But, the lack of new pages coming up is because I’m busy inking for another comic. Said comic being Calla Cthulhu which I’ve mentioned before. And also, my shift at the office changed as of lately because we’re missing one employee to cover one of the shifts, so for now (and it’s been already a month like this) until the new guy is ready, I’m working 4 days 12 hours shifts. So my free time its a mess now (especially because I’ve been enjoying having a life too).

Clink is still being updated, tho (we’re a little behind, but still).

The inking gig came in as a really pleasant surprise early this year. The shift change at the office didn’t. But, problem is, those are my priorities for now, mostly because I’m getting paid from both of them and as skinny as I am, I do enjoy eating.

I’d love to say when exactly updates will come back, but I don’t wanna compromise and blow it. But, they will come back and I’ll let you know.

Thanks for understanding.

Mario A.~

PD: I’ll also let you know when the first half of Calla will be available to the public. We’re getting really close to launch and we all hope you enjoy the comic. I’m having a blast inking the pages and it’s a really fun, exciting story!